Band Booking

182 Productions has spent the last decade building contacts and booking successful shows across the East Coast. From private parties, to CD release parties, to Festivals and weekend events, chances are we have a gig to suit you. We are always looking to expand our list of bands to work with, and encourage you to book a show through us. Our best friends are in the music industry so we know how frustrating dealing with booking agents and club promoters can be. We are straight forward and only book shows at clubs and bars that we trust and have a great reputation.

Here are our Open Gigs

Apply Today at – Free for artists, just create and/or claim your artist listing first.

Show Promotion

182 Productions has redefined what band and show promotion entails. With most of our production and design of fliers, posters, etc. we are able to keep costs down in the front end. 182 has connections in every step of the promotion process. Our posters are proudly hung in record shops, music stores and pretty much every where they legally let  us advertise. This along with electronic advertising and promotion allows us to reach thousands of people resulting in more people at your shows and more merchandise sales. We anticipate this coming year to be revolutionary for our acts. We are aggressively approaching bigger and better national acts. This in turn also helps some of the smaller acts by providing the opportunity to play for bigger crowds and to attain fans. 182 Productions has an extensive list of performers that we have and continue to work with. Join our long list of amazing friends and see what 182 can do for you!