Why should I promote with 182 Productions?

Promotion entails many different types of industries, from design to website work to radio we keep all of our different methods and processes in house. That means that we can over see every step of the way from creation to execution. This also keeps our overhead extremely low and we pass the savings right down the line to you. While we do specialize in bands and Dj’s we can handle a wide variety of performers and acts. We have promoted fire dancers, comedians and food vendors. Our extensive contact list allows us to find a home for almost any band or act.

Once I join do I need to sign a contract?

No, We operate on a percentage ratio. Our aim is to work with you and your band. The benefit cost ratio is as follows. Once in our catalog you get: free placement with national acts and venues, free promotion with posters, cards and a web presence. Our goal is to help local music thrive by providing services at a fraction of the cost of any other promotion company. We have a strong core support team with full services to hold any function of any size. Need a sound guy? No problem, we have 2 of em. Need stickers, T-shirts or any other promotional gear? No problem. We offer the best quality gear for the lowest price around. Sign up for our newsletter and become a part of our team!